A stationery list is supplied at the end of each school year with requirements for the commencement of the following year. We currently operate online ordering through a local company owned by the Deed family, ‘Action Office Products Depot’: http//

The school holds stocks of the most commonly used stationery, but particularly specialty items required by new entrants. These are sold to pupils, as they are required. Any profit goes into school funds.

It is really important parents purchase the correct stationery for students as this has an impact on student success in the class - as they require the right tools to be successful.

Each year we ask that all parents supply one/two ream of paper per child (depending on year level) attending Pukeoware School.

From Year 5 – 8, we recommend learners to bring their own device for learning. Please check out the BYOD specifications located on this website under: About Us, BYOD

The orders can be made via this link http// at the end of the year to purchase stationery packs.

Junior School Stationery Lists 2023

Ako Timatanga Tahi stationery list 2023.pdf

Ako Tahi 2023

Ako Timatanga Rua Stationery list 2023.pdf

Ako Rua 2023

Rangiwhea Stationery List 2023.pdf

Rangiwhea 2023

Middle/Senior School Stationery List 2023

Awaruaiti Stationery List 2023.pdf

Awaruaiti 2023

Waitangi Stationery List 2023.pdf

Waitangi 2023

Awaroa Stationery List 2023.pdf

Awaroa 2023

Taihiki Stationery List 2023.pdf

Taihiki 2023