BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE 2023 Specifications

For Years 5 to 8

Pukeoware Senior School recommends that students in Years Five to Eight bring their own device to school. Having their own device has a positive effect within the senior classes as students do not need to share, and they can access their timetable and lessons from their own device.

Specific Device Specifications

· Laptop or Windows tablet

· Windows 10 or OS Mac 10.13 - NOT Android, Chromebook or iPad

· Microsoft Office 365 will be available free for Pukeoware students to download

· Has a tough outer shell and a good protective case/bag

· Keyboard attached for tablets

· Minimum 11-inch screen

· Has at least 6-8 hours’ battery life

· 4GB of Ram minimum - more is better

· Internal Solid State (SSD) greater than 120GB

· Touch screen and stylus an advantage

· Please do not buy a laptop with a Celeron processor if possible

Student are NOT to have Android, Chromebooks or iPads as these are not compatible with Office 365.

Frequently Asked Questions about BYOD?

Are there any retailers who are offering discounted devices?

Well-known computer retailers such as Noel Leeming, Harvey Norman and PB Tech often offer some sort of discounts to BYOD customers. It pays to shop around and look at the specifications of the device relative to the price.

We cannot afford a device, is there some sort of financial assistance plan?

Major retailers offer payment plans over time.

What additional software should I buy?

· Only anti-virus software – or download it for free

Many stores will try and sell you extra products. You do not need these as students will be given access to Microsoft 365 (Microsoft Office Suite) free.

Who is responsible for the device should it get stolen?

As with all student property the device will be the responsibility of the student throughout the school day.

Should I get insurance for my child’s technology device?

Yes, check if your policy covers theft or loss –theft has been non-existent with regard to devices to date.

Should I get an extended service plan for my child’s technology device?

Yes, accidents happen. Please consider adding a service plan when you purchase your child’s technology device, since your child will need a functional technology device at school each day. (Make sure the retailer tells you will be covered under this extended plan- it needs to be more than what the consumer guarantee act covers)

Are there rules and policies that my child and I should know about?

Yes, students must comply with Pukeoware School Digital Citizenship Policy and BYOD agreement. This document is available to all students at the beginning of the year.

How often will my child be using their device during a school day?

This will depend on the nature of the subject and what work is being taught.

Are students able to charge their device at school?

Student will be expected to arrive at school with a fully charged device. Charging points are very limited.

What will happen to my child and or the device if they contravene the Digital Citizenship agreement?

We will apply normal school pastoral care and disciplinary procedures. We may ban device use although this will affect participation in learning. Internet use will be restricted.

Will the school technician/ teachers be able to repair my child’s device?

The care/ maintenance and repair of devices rests with the student/parent. We are able to give some technical support so long that it does not affect existing warranties.

How will my child carry their device?

We recommend that when buying a new school bag consider one which is capable of protecting a laptop and accommodating the usual equipment for school. A separate protective cover for the device itself is also an affordable option.